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Dancing With Fire // A Poem

Hi guys.

It’s been a minute. Lol, I know I asked for another chance. I’m sorry for not showing up. To keep myself accountable, I’ll be showing up at least twice a month. I guess that’s a fair deal.

Today, I’ll be featuring a poem from one of my very good friends, Timi Sanni.

I house an inferno of hunger

within the body of this demigod

annihilating life on his way to glory

& because my body is

a blond sun in a broken fireplace

I dance across the sky of a man’s rage

like a puppet bending to the strings of a puppeteer

like flames bending to the chords of fire’s emotions

Until bodies come to me, searching for warmth

Tonight, a woman comes into my presence

wearing a halo of gloom

she feeds me beautiful, broken things:

an unfinished love letter, a diary,

ten pages from a romance novel

& I swallow and consume an eternity of secrets

into the abyss of a lost library

in the gaps of history where time is a broken-winged bird

She stokes my body with a certain fury

& I dance & dance in a strange frenzy until I become–

a maelstrom

eating the darkness of a void lost between us

as rain patters upon the aluminium roof.

I roar.

From the shadows

this other part of her she doesn’t know

steps into my light & a part of me, drunken

jumps, catches the curtains & falls upon the rug.

Again, I roar & outside, a man cries in fear.

The sky as though in response lets down a torrents of tears

I dance. We dance.

Timi Sanni is a Nigerian writer and literary enthusiast. His works have been published or are forthcoming in various literary journals like Radical Art Review, African Writers, Rather Quiet, Praxis Magazine, Nanty Greens and elsewhere.

His works often addresses emotions and truth. He recently won the SprinNG Poetry Contest and is the recipient of the Fitrah Review Prize for Fiction 2020. When not writing or studying, he is either painting or exploring new hobbies. He is an editor at Kalopsia lit and Upwrite magazine.

Twitter: @timisanni
Instagram: @timixsanni

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