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Kojo // a poem

there’s a way you look at me, Kojo
your eyes enter mine to find the deepest emotion that’s trying to hide behind a cloud of tears

there’s a way you hold my hand, Kojo
you massage deep into my tendons to ease the forming mass of negative energy, as you call it
Ease off, you say.

the random messages you send
the ones asking me to describe my current mood with a smiley
I send you a pack of them
because I feel everything all at once and sometimes nothing at all.
But you tell me it’s okay
and it’s okay too if I don’t want to talk about it.

the way you peck my forehead, Kojo
and apply oil to my scalp
you say it’s grease
maybe I’m a machine slowly wearing out, after all.

you speak many love languages to me, Kojo
and something about that scares me.

© Oluchi

I hope you enjoyed reading Oluchi’s piece as much as I did. She’d love to have your feedbacks, so why not leave a comment for her?

Oluchi is a freelance writer, creative writer, and literary critic.
She is currently a second year student of English at the University of Ibadan.
She reads, writes, sews and bakes.
She resides in Ibadan.

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