A second chance, perhaps?


Hi guys!

Assalaam alaykum!

It’s been a long time since I last posted here (exactly a year). I didn’t want 2019 to go by without saying anything. And what better time to post something if not on our one year anniversary of nothingness?

So much has happened this year — school, losing Muezza and most of my kittens (let me grieve, please), and so many other things I can’t start talking about — SubhanAllah, and in between all of it, I abandoned this space. I’m not here to make excuses or blame anything for my inconsistency. There’s nothing to blame, I’ve just been lily-livered and, of course, been a huge procrastinator.

Nevertheless, I’m excited to try again and make this work! Hopefully, I’m able to sustain the excitement and get things done, bi idhniLlah.

My focus is still pretty much the same – my writings (I hope I have the courage to share them), Islam, books, and I’ll probably be featuring some guest writers, in shaa Allah. I’ll be talking about things I find fascinating, basically.

Also (I have to put this out for someone and I don’t want to make it a separate post), if for any reason you’re feeling down or unloved, probably events of the whole year have been overwhelming and things aren’t getting better as the the year is nearing an end, or you feel abandoned because school is coming to a close and you can’t be with your family due to circumstances beyond your control, I need you to know you’re not alone. You’re loved and appreciated. And I assure you, it gets better. 😊❤

Sooo, that’d be all for today, I guess. Hopefully, it gets better here too, bi idhniLlah. Kindly make Du’a for me that Allah makes this easy.

Take care of yourself 💜

Till we meet again, in shaa Allah.

❤, Simbiat.

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