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Title: Confessions of A Domestic Failure

Author: Bunmi Laditan

Pages: 299

Form: eBook

Genre: Fiction

“It seems like once you’re an adult, if you don’t already have your friends picked out, you’re screwed. Nobody makes new friends after twenty-seven”.

~ 📚

Ashley Keller is a first time mom of eight months old Aubrey whose idea of motherhood is different from the reality she finds herself in. A marketing executive turned stay-at-home mom, Ashley is funny and self-deprecating. She fantasizes about her dream motherhood while subtly hating on her husband because she’s the only one affected by motherhood since he gets to sleep at night and she doesn’t. Ashley misses her job and constantly feels bad about her husband being the only one who works while she enjoys spending the money. To her, all other moms have perfect lives with Pinterest crafts, hot bodies and perfect homes to show for it while all she has is a flabby stomach, a littered house packed with dirty laundry and disastrous crafts to show. When her idol, successful mommy blogger, Emily Walker, organizes a camp-like contest tagged “Motherhood Better BootCamp”, Ashley is thrilled to be a contestant. The camp comprises six weeks, each week with a challenge to help each participant become her dream mother, wife and homemaker. After the six weeks, which was characterized by “intense” competition among the contestants with Ashley feeling she’s the only one lagging behind, the ten contestants are flown to Napa Valley for the final phase of the contest. During her stay there, Ashley realizes that the other moms aren’t exactly as she thought they were, with each battling her own problems.

~ 📚

While this book isn’t exactly high literature, I love the way Bunmi Laditan satirizes the expectations that society places on mothers to be super humans. Though this book focuses mainly on motherhood, but those of us who aren’t mothers can also relate with how we think others have perfect lives and ours is a mess. The truth is, we all face our own problems, some are just more glaring than others. Ashley’s courage and determination is also something I admire; she participated in all the challenges even though most turned out disastrous. The book is hilarious yet still passes its message across. This is a book for anyone, mom or not, who appreciates hilarity.


Has anyone read Confessions of A Domestic Failure?

What are your thoughts about it?


I’m currently reading Children of Blood and Bone and it’s been amazing so far. 😍😍😍

What are you reading??


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5 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW #1”

  1. Lol. This book sounds interesting, I loved the plot I saw here, and how you emphasised on how as humans, we tend to think that other people have a perfect life while ours suck.

    I just finished reading The Kite Runner BTW and I’m in luuuurrrve! 💞

    Liked by 1 person

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