Welcome to Little Blooming Thoughts.

This blog was created as an avenue for me to talk about things that interest me and to give my thoughts on things or happenings around me. It’s a personal space where I get to share my opinions with people and also hear theirs in return.

My posts will be primarily on, but not limited to, the following:

1. Islam: Most topics under this category will be mainly reminders and my personal view on some general topics. I’d try as much as possible not to delve into major topics or topics with differences of opinions among the scholars because I am not a scholar.

2. Writings: This comprises a lot of things. Random rants. Poems written by me, which aren’t topnotch 😅, but man’s gotta try, yeah? Few works of prose, this is relatively new, I just want to try my hands on prose. And I’ll also try to feature the works of writers I like.

3. Book reviews: I’ll be giving reviews on books I’ve read ( Not that I’ve read a lot though, lol).

Basically, these are the things I’d be focusing on for starters. I’m working towards being consistent so I wouldn’t want to clog up this space for now. As time goes on, more things would be added, probably.

So that’s it people! Woohoo! I’m quite dramatic, you’ll have to cope with that. I’m talking too much, I know, I know. I must have bored you, sorry about that.

Make sure you leave a comment for your girl. I want this space to be as interactive as possible, so please, no ghosting!

Simbiat ❤.

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